Add a WOW factor to your living space with a new, customizable fire feature. 

The sky's the limit with what you can choose in creating or renovating your unique indoor or outdoor fireplace or fire pit. For indoor needs we can customize gas, pellet or wood stoves with formal stone hearths and mantels to form your ideal, cozy fireplace setting.

Outdoor Fire Feature

In your outdoor areas, we offer customized masonry fireplaces and fire pit construction solutions carefully crafted with concrete. The size, shape, color, and material choices are nearly endless. 

These fireplaces can also be enhanced with high-tech capabilities such as:

  • Bluetooth connection - easily sync with any Bluetooth device to play music directly from your firepit

  • Dancing flame technology- a sound visualization burner with precise fire to sound action, the flames “dance” due to variations in air pressure caused by the sound waves

  • Simple fuel system- your choice of propane, natural gas, or wood. 

In all cases, we specialize in fireplaces and fire pits with thoughtful consideration of the space they fill. 

  • Space, layout and seating considerations

  • Construction material options

  • Fire pit and fireplace design options

  • Fuel and burner system options